Friday, May 28, 2010

Links to other sites for those in solitude.

Here are some places we might find companionship with others on the journey. These are courtesy of my friend Bishop John/Ionnes in South Africa. +John is a hermit whose Trinity Priory serves many seeking help. He is compassionate and wise man who has been my online friend for a little over five years. +John is a great admirer of the Carthusian way. He maintains an online Yahoo Group called Monasterion that has collected a significant number of vowed religious from both Eastern and Western Christian traditions.

Signing up is fairly easy. Simply go to and apply for an email address. When you have it, go to Groups and enter Monasterion in the request box. If you like what you see, send an inquiry to Bishop John who will add your address to the list. There is much wisdom there. John spends a lot of time making sure the Group is worth the effort.

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