Monday, May 17, 2010

Received "Raven's Bread" today and some emails.

I encourage the posting of comments. That's what Silentium Altum is for. It is a living record of vital experience and deep faith. Because it's public, I'll do my best to ride herd on the contents in an effort to hold space as sacred.

In the printed newsletter I noticed that some readers are making their written work available. What a wonderful way to share this journey! Please keep us all informed. If you have a website or Facebook account and feel comfortable sharing those addresses, post a comment and let us know about it.

In order to post you will need to create an account that Google will recognize. I didn't find the process too difficult to follow.


  1. Jesus be Praised. Ahhh, Raven's Bread, received a copy today too. Aloneness, all 'one' ness. Had just took down a private website called God in an Irish kitchen; Interestingly, a garden snake had fallen down, from the basement ceiling, next to the computer, leading me to reflect on the Words, "watch and pray"! May the Holy Spirit Bless this ministry and draw down many blessings upon you David and all who happen upon this website. Prayerfully yours, Petunia.

  2. I got the impression from RB that this would be a book reviewing blog - did I get that wrong?