Sunday, June 20, 2010 is a wonderful resource. . .

If you don't know her work, Mary Margaret Funk is a Benedictine nun living in Beech Grover, Indiana who writes and reads prolifically. I found her some years ago thanks to a Trappist friend who has been present when she did some teaching. Her approach, as is so true with women in general, is grounded and real. Right now she's taking her readers through A Day with Jesus written in the early '60's by someone identified only as a monk of the Eastern Church.

By the way, when I'm done with a book, I'll send it to the Raven's Bread library in NC for those who want to read it. I'm especially interested just now in articulating the spiritual/body connection that seems to have slipped the minds of most writers in the West up 'til recently.

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  1. I was fortunate to meet Sr. Meg Funk, OSB while on retreat at Gethsemani some months ago, I am now working my way through her Humility Matters, Thoughts Matter, and Tools Matter...I found these to be exceptional reading of well developed thoughts and research which Meg has compiled.I commend them to you.

    +Will, OSB