Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How do you "pray?"

I'm setting that apart in quotes for a reason. Like me, you may not find most of the conventional ways to your liking any longer. What about liturgical prayer? I know that some use the Divine Office and/or lectio divina.

Are there ways you'd like to share with others? I'm sure there are readers besides me who would be interested.


  1. Certainly the daily office and lectio divina for me, but also I use the Jesus prayer many times a day, and find this to be an exceptional help in my spiritual life of prayer and ministry.

  2. Yes, the daily office, lectio divina, and the Jesus prayer are an integral part of my life. I do my best to incorporate the Jesus prayer into my breathing, as I walk. But, prayer has also evolved to include walking, painting, singing, meditating in nature, even eating an especially good meal. Prayer is not some activity that is seperate. Prayer, and how we experience it, evolves, even as we do as human beings.