Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catching up reflection . . .

There's a nagging feeling within that has to do with a sense of struggle between time and talent and task. How do I make it all fit? I ask myself.

This last month has gone quickly. I've been reading and writing a lot but little of it is probably of interest here even though it's about the emerging shape of the spiritual life. I really haven't found the boundaries of this blog yet because I've never done this before. And I don't want my efforts and opinions to take it over in favor of your interests. But we can discuss that.

I've been getting ready to teach a class in pastoral theology and practice but it's online. I've never done that. The department head assured me that everything would go fine. I'd be introduced to something called Blackboard and, best news for a solitary, I could do the whole thing from home. Still not convinced I can project the content but we'll see.

I read fancy blogs with lots of art work and wonder how they do it when I can barely edit this one. And I know that much written work, especially in academia, is going paperless. Have you priced textbooks lately? Spent last week at my seminary alma mater in Alexandria, Virginia. A simple paperback was nearly $100. But there are few publishers willing to take chances with a long print run.


  1. A Blog is open to whatever you feel it should be. Some people use a blog as Diary, others use it as journalism, others use it as Inspirational. Perhaps there are no rules, other than the fact it should be respectful. As for your teaching job, it sounds like the beginning of a new journey in your life, and the lives of the students in the on-line program. Peace.

  2. Dear Porter you are doing a fine job, you've been a gracious host to those of us seeking our "All". The journey is so graciously given to us, imagine how much God leaves up to us! He meets us wherever we are at, our true and everlasting friend. I'm sure He is very pleased with your progress in His service. Having the internet now a days is almost synonomous with having a telephone. Thank you for your hospitality.